Release Notes

Version Changes
  • Added Way cards from Menagerie (except for Way of the Mouse)
  • Updated the way Duration cards are handled between turns
  • Fixed how card draw is handled for Cursed Village & Watchtower to handle the "-1 Card" token properly
  • Added auto-yielding to event triggers
  • Updated AI for Menagerie cards
  • Updated .NET framework version
  • Implemented Menagerie cards dealing with the Exile mat/mechanic
  • Fixed image issue with Commerce
  • Fixed bugs with Pirate Ship, Hermit, Urchin, Training, Teacher, Pathfinding, Lost Arts, Seaway, & Changeling
  • Added new Trait for "Cards that include non-Supply piles" like Hermit, Tournament, & Groom
  • Fixed issue with end of game tie breaker
  • Fixed bugs with Wish, Bat, Vampire, Alchemist, Treasury, & Travellers
  • Implemented cards from Menagerie except cards that deal with the Exile mechanic and "Way of the X" cards
  • Code clean-up behind the scenes
  • Fixed bugs with Canal, Archive, Border Guard, & Native Village
  • Updated AI decision-making for Annex and Silos
  • Fixed major bug with all cards that deal with player mats (Reserve cards, Island, Native Village, etc.)
  • Fixed bugs with Innovation, Stash, Necromancer, Band of Misfits, Overlord, & Mountain Pass
  • Fixed end-of-turn clean-up to discard *all* player's In Play cards (e.g. calling Coin of the Realm after resolving Caravan Guard's Reaction ability after an opponent plays an Attack)
  • Implemented Star Chart
  • Code clean-up behind the scenes
  • Fixed bugs with Masquerade & Border Guard
  • Fixed per-turn VP counting bug dealing with set-aside cards via Prince, Gear, Summon, etc.
  • Fixed full view text on Landmark cards
  • Added Cathedral & Innovation
  • Code clean-up behind the scenes
  • Fixed critical bug in Random AI, taking infinite turns
  • Fixed bugs with Crop Rotation, Silos, Exploration, Piazza, Soldier, Baths
  • Fixed overarching issue with handling of on-gain abilities of cards (e.g. Skulk, Changeling, Lost City)
  • Fixed supply pile sorting, especially in the case of Knights
  • Fixed general issues with Duration cards and duplicators (e.g. Throne Room, Royal Carriage)
  • Added Nocturne and Renaissance presets
  • Added image for Prize Supply (mainly for kingdom randomizer window)
  • Fixed critical bug with Barracks, Canal, Cathedral, City Gate, Crop Rotation, Exploration, Fair, Piazza, & Silos
  • Updated AI decision-making for Mission
  • Small logging fix for Wish
  • Fixed UI for choice selection for Band of Misfits, Doctor, Embargo, Ferry, Journeyman, Lost Arts, Moat, Mystic, Overlord, Pathfinding, Plan, Rebuild, Salt the Earth, Seaway, Stash, Tournament, & Training
  • Added Renaissance (except for Capitalism, Citadel, Fleet, Innovation, & Star Chart
  • Fixed bug with Nomad Camp
  • Added chained highlighting for decisions (e.g. when there are multiple Cargo Ships in play, one of which is played off Throne Room)
  • Simplified "Pay off Debts" button
  • Fixed status display for Guardian & Faithful Hound
  • Fixed chart crashing issue when ending the game in the first turn
  • Fixed bugs with Wine Merchant, Masquerade, Plan, Keep
  • Fixed some AI decision-making for Disciple, Donate, Doctor
  • Fixed display issue with the Trash pile
  • Updated the way images are loaded
  • Fixed issue with automatic upgrade process
  • Added Nocturne
  • Major code clean-up & update to C#7.3 and Visual Studio 2019
  • Added end-of-game chart with rundown of each player's points each turn
  • Fixed many bugs (too many to count & the list of improvements was lost in the middle of all the refactoring)
  • Fixed bugs with Royal Seal, Travelling Fair, Watchtower, Jack of All Trades, Archive (rewrite), Market Square
  • Added highlighting for card triggers
  • Major code clean-up & update to C#6 and Visual Studio 2015
  • Addition of Geronimoo's Combo AI (for the most part?), still somewhat experimental
  • Fixed bugs with Fortune Teller & Journey token
  • Fixed issue with auto-updater
  • Fixed bugs with Farming Village, Fortune Teller, Plan, Ferry, Teacher, Lost Arts, Pathfinding, Seaway, Training, Messenger, Chancellor, Scavenger, Courtier, Champion, Sauna, Swamp Hag, Haunted Woods,
  • Added Enchantress (woo!)
  • Added icon for Journey token
  • Added more visual feedback to the chooser panel
  • Fixed AI decision making on a few things
  • Added AI play speed setting
  • Fixed bugs with 2nd Edition Mine, all on-gain and on-trash triggers (via Lurker), Conspirator, Young Witch's Bane, Tournament, Colonnade, Moat, Contraband, Wishing Well, Mystic, Journeyman, Merchant, Band of Misfits, Overlord
  • Added missing images for Mill & Replace
  • Added promo split pile Sauna/Avanto
  • Moved set icons to their own directory
  • Fixed bugs with Defiled Shrine, Mountain Pass, Scheme, Obelisk, Secret Passage, Fortune
  • Fixed long-standing interaction issue with Band of Misfits, Overlord, Adventure Tokens, & other nonsense
  • Added 2nd Edition Base & Intrigue cards
  • Renamed card "Groups" to "Traits"
  • Fixed issue with Big Money & Royal Blacksmith
  • Made games with Arena not allow Undo
  • Changed card name & type font to Optimus Princeps
  • Fixed bugs with City, Tower, Magpie, Quest, Gladiator, Mountain Pass, Donate, Messenger/Trader,
  • Fixed "Card costs" constraint crash
  • Added "Card costs Debt" constraint
  • Fixed bug with Debt-costing Events & infinite/negative buys
  • Updated AI for various cards
  • Fixed some multithreaded locking issues (causing random crashes I think)
  • Added icon to help see when another player has a Duration Attack card still in play
  • Fixed UI for shuffling with Stash
  • Added Event/Landmark selection to game log
  • Fixed bugs with Save, Charm, Tower, Fountain, Teacher, Philosopher's Stone, & City
  • Fixed bugs with cards that gain cards of a specific type (e.g. University) and their interaction with split piles (e.g. Encampment/Plunder)
  • Fixed end-of-game card sorting
  • Fixed tooltip on empty supply piles
  • Added new Phase indicator above "stuff"/buttons
  • Redid button layout
  • Fixed issue with "name a card" cards (e.g. Contraband) and non-uniform supply piles (e.g. Castles)
  • Fixed AI's handling of Windfall
  • Fixed crash with Coin tokens played in the Buy (not Buy (Treasure) phase!)
  • Fixed issue with modifier cards (e.g. Throne Room, Royal Carriage) & long duration cards (e.g. Hireling, Champion, Archive)
  • Updated UI a little bit for supply piles
  • Fixed issue with persistent Update icon
  • Fixed AI's handling of Windfall
  • Fixed some random AI bugs
  • Fixed cost of Wine Merchant
  • Various AI tweaks
  • Fixed bugs with Tax, Bank undo, "Once per turn" Events, Charm, Royal Carriage, Gladiator, Magpie, Herald, & Overpayers
  • Fixed issue with 4-column Supply pile layout
  • Added message for moving player tokens to Supply piles
  • Fixed up a long-standing multithreading code issue
  • Removed Treasure auto-play functionality during the Action phase (affects Storyteller and Black Market, once it gets implemented)
  • Fixed crash with "Replay same Kingdom cards"
  • Added missing small Summon image
  • Some minor AI fixes
  • Fixed crash when going to Settings->Interface
  • Added Adventures, Empires, & Summon promo card
  • Updated code to show you your discard pile for cards that let you look through it (e.g. Counting House)
  • Added support for background images for Table and Player areas
  • Added card preview window that will always display the card under the cursor
  • Added support for supply tooltips where there are a non-uniform list of cards (e.g. Catapult/Rocks)
  • Added a couple new groups for card selection constraints
  • Added new settings for controlling usage of Platinum/Colony and Shelters
  • Lots of code refactoring behind the scenes
  • Added option to only prompt on unused buys if there are cards other than Copper, Curse, & Ruins to buy
  • Updated unused-buys prompt to also include Ruins
  • Fixed issue with cards that modify Duration cards not getting cleaned up properly (e.g. King's Court)
  • AI tweaks for buying certain victory cards
  • UI tweaks/improvements for better interaction
  • Added color change to card cost to indicate when it is cheaper or more expensive than its base cost
  • Added hotkeys for numbers in choice box (e.g. for spending Coin tokens)
  • Added promo card Prince
  • Renamed "Tableau" to "In Play" and "Previous Tableau" to "Set Aside"
  • Added ability to decide ordering to resolve actions at the start of a turn (e.g. from Duration cards) to handle Prince interactions
  • Fixed implementation error with Forge
  • Fixed bug with interaction between Royal Seal & Fool's Gold
  • Small AI update regarding Embargo Tokened supplies
  • Fixed bug causing crashes at the end of games
  • Fixed issue with Band of Misfits copying Duration cards
  • Fixed issue with Taxman affecting players who didn't have 5+ cards in hand
  • Updated AI decision-making slightly
  • Added the functionality to be able to save & load games (only at the start of the human player's turn)
  • Updated Standard AI's decision-making for several cards
  • Updated BigMoney AI's decision-making for weighting of several cards
  • Updated BigMoneyAdvanced AI's decision-making for choosing which card to buy
  • Fixed GPF bug with Overpaying
  • Fixed bug with Philosopher's Stone & Undo
  • Fixed bug with Mint revealing Treasure cards not in the supply (e.g. Diadem & Spoils)
  • Fixed bug with Taxman (card text says "may", it was being interpreted as "must")
  • Fixed small issue with Island & Native Village, regarding the AI's decision-making
  • Fixed small issue with Trade Route
  • Fixed bug with Trade Route as a Bane card (Young Witch)
  • Fixed bug with Survivors with no cards to draw
  • Fixed GPF bug with Ironmonger, Mystic, Herald, Soothsayer, Margrave, Wishing Well, & Vault
  • Fixed bug with interaction of Counterfeit & Fool's Gold
  • Updated Overpay choices to not include button for overpaying by 0
  • Fixed bug with interaction between Scheme & Herbalist
  • Huge update to code with respect to the "lose track" rule, including (but not limited to) interactions between Scheme/Hermit, Watchtower/Inn, & Watchtower/Border Village
  • Fixed Inn to always shuffle, even if 0 Action cards are in the discard pile
  • Fixed bug with "Play Coin tokens" button re-enabling during the buy phase after a card has been purchased
  • Implemented Guilds
  • Added glow effect to card stacks that are clickable
  • Fixed bug with Supply pile overlays
  • Added setting to automatically move Stash to the top of the stack when shuffling
  • Fixed issue with setup of Young Witch & Looters
  • Changed Fool's Gold to disallow Undo after it's been played
  • Updated Standard AI's decision-making for several cards
  • Moved Action/Buy/"Funds" indicators and gameplay buttons from the popping area between the Supply piles and the game/player areas to be static & to the left of the game/player area
  • Fixed bug with Bane card revealing
  • Fixed bug with Tactician played via King's Court/Throne Room/etc
  • Fixed Bridge, Coppersmith, Outpost, Scheme, & Contraband played via Procession or Counterfeit
  • General fix for Duration cards
  • Fixed bug with Supply piles not updating when going from empty to not empty (e.g. via Ambassador)
  • Added setting to change where the Game Log is displayed (old way next to the Supply piles as well as in game/player area as a tab)
  • Added new message prompt styling to make it visually consistent with the rest of the application
  • Updating process workings for AI players for cleaner interactions and (hopefully) less memory usage
  • Fixed the Treasure-playing "mode" to be a subset of the Action or Buy phases to fix interaction between Peddler & Horn of Plenty, as well as another small step towards implementing Black Market
  • Added small visual feedback to scrollable areas to indicate when there's more stuff to see
  • Fix for Horse Traders when it's in play at the end of the game
  • Added new Constraint called "Number of Sets" which sets minimum & maximum limits on how many sets you want to use in a game
  • Added "pulsing" to clickable cards to make things a little more visually-appealing
  • Added indicator on choice panel to indicate which choices must be performed and which choices are optional
  • Multiple updates to choice panel, fixing bugs as well as some minor design changes
  • Multiple fixes for Band of Misfits (empty supply pile, Scheme, Crossroads)
  • Added new main menu, Current Game, with ability to view the current game's log file and some quick options
  • Fixed multiple card's interaction with Procession to work properly. These mainly include Duration cards but also Coppersmith
  • Fixed Counterfeit->Contraband interaction
  • Fixed bug with Knights not finding itself to trash (e.g. via King's Court)
  • Fixed issue with Windows 8 & clicking on cards
  • Moved location of settings & log files to the User's ApplicationDirectory
  • Added options to force using of Colony/Platinum & Shelters
  • Fixed bug with Watchtower
  • Fixed AI bug with Wishing Well & Mystic
  • UI update to buttons (blue background; red hover border)
  • Changed the way "Prompt when you have unplayed Actions remaining" is handled slightly
  • Fixed currency display in game.log file
  • Added missing images for Ruins & Shelters (for preview window)
  • Fixed bug that was causing intermittent crashes
  • Fixed bug with Ambassador and revealing a card from an empty supply pile
  • Fixed bug with Wishing Well and Mystic not being able to select Shelters
  • Added information to "Play basic Treasures" button to indicate how much the player will gain
  • Added message to indicate when costs are reduced (e.g. from Bridge)
  • Fixed decision-making bug with the Standard AI when it comes to CardGainAction, CardsDiscardAction and TrashAction
  • Added new "Random" AI that randomly chooses a different other AI to play as for an entire game
  • Fixed bugs with Native Village, Scheme, Ambassador, Bridge, Mint, & Smugglers
  • Updated the way Embargo tokens are displayed on Supply piles
  • Cleaned up card Constraint dropdown items to have more user-friendly text
  • Added new window to allow the player to preview the game's Kingdom cards before starting play, allowing them to decide if they want to play with them or not
  • Added "Undo" button to undo playing of basic Treasures (like Royal Seal) and basic Actions (like Festival)
  • Added Band of Misfits from Dark Ages
  • Fixed bug with Outpost
  • Fixed bug with auto-updater
  • Added "Conditional Benefit" card group
  • Fixed "Start all players with identical hands" setting
  • Fixed bugs with Jester, Squire, Herbalist, Walled Village, Treasury, Alchemist, Hermit, Fortune Teller, Cultist, Urchin
  • Fixed bugs with & updated game Log panel
  • Added double-click auto-resizing on divider between Supplies & player tab area
  • Improved usability of choice pane
  • Updated Trader to not ask if gaining a Silver
  • Major fix to the way clean-up happens (regarding Scheme, Throne Room, Hermit, etc.)
  • Updated some AI decision-making for trashing & for a few more Dark Ages cards
??? A bunch of stuff happened here
r31 First "public" release